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Spikes Guide

Spike Types

You should pick a pear of spikes that are specific to your event. There are nine basic types of Track Shoes:
  • Sprint spikes - Made for 100m to 400m sprints. They usually have no heel, very lightweight, and either a flexible, or stiff spike plate. There are many flashy-looking  and consequently expensive spikes  on the market  especially in this category you may dream about getting, but the priority is the fit of the spikes not the looks.

  • Hurdling - 100m, 110H, and 400H. Most hurdlers either use a flexible sprint spike or a middle distance spike because they have a small cushioned heel. These spikes are the same as sprint spikes.

  • Middle Distance - 800m to Mile. These shoes usually have a small cushioned heel and a small forefoot spike plate. They have a smaller footprint than distance spikes.

  • Distance - 3000m to 10,000m. These spikes usually have fewer spikes in them and smaller spike plates but a full length cushioning. The elite level spikes have very little anything to reduce weight. Steeplechasers also use a distance spike.

  • Pole Vault/Long Jump/Triple Jump - These spikes have a thin, full length midsole for cushioning and stability when planting.

  • High Jump - These spikes have rear foot spikes as well as forefoot. They are designed to allow a firm plant for the takeoff foot.

  • Javelin - Javelin boots are big and heavy, but they provide the grip and stability that you will require when doing this event.

  • Throw - Shot/Discus - Two types of shoes are made, glide shoes and spin shoes. The choice of either glide or spin depends upon your technique, so if you are buying for the first time you should know which type you need buy talking to your coach. Some brands just have one choice but others have both types.

  • Multi-Purpose - these are basically middle distance spikes. They are meant for athletes that want an everyday spike to wear in practice. They can be used for almost any event except throws.

You can find a link to good web sites that stock wide ranges of spikes on the links page

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