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Training Guide

This page is dedicated to training and how you can improve you're PB. Each week this page will feature a different article all about how to make the most of you're training.

This week: Sprint starts

Starting a sprint race is all about exploding out of the blocks.

This drill will help your body react to the start and get your arms and legs powering off the ground into the acceleration phase.

Begin by jogging slowly in a straight line.

Then with a call from a friend or a coach or just decide yourself, jump in the air and turn around and get into the starting position.

Don't set yourself too low, allowing just your hands and feet to touch the ground.

Hold this position for about a second and then launch yourself forward and sprint for about 15 meters.

Although you do a jump and a turn, it is the balance and burst of pace you need to try and focus on.

You can vary the distance you sprint if you need to, but the aim of this drill is to improve your start speed, not to tire you out.

Remember practice makes perfect!

Wednesday, 03 March 2004 12:36